Foursquare is Signing Deals with Big Names

In the continuing battle for location based social networking dominance,  Foursquare has signed some big names in entertainment and dining. Foursquare recently announced a partnership with Bravo television networks. The partnership integrates Bravo TV reality show personalities and their city tips. Foursquare will be introducing Bravo-themed badges and will encourage personalities from shows like Top Chef and The Real Housewives to become content creators.

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This week, according to, Foursqaure has partnerships completed or in the works with Zagat, Warner Bros., HBO, the History Channel and others. The partnership with Zagat, the restaurant-guide publishers, will allow users to obtain a "Foodie" badge that can be earned by checking into Zagat-related restaurants in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and other major cities.

Personal Thoughts:

Over the last month I have spent some time tinkering with both Gowalla and Foursquare on my iPhone. Right now, I enjoy Gowalla's aesthetics and the ability to find and store virtual items, however, the incredible partnerships and the potential Foursquare currently has for retailers, restaurants and other businesses is hard to ignore. The battle is far from over, but for now it seems Foursquare has the edge IMHO.

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