DrupalCon Paris 2009 - 45 Drupal Modules in 45 Minutes

This is a post on Lullabot.com referencing a presentation done by Mike Anello at DrupalCon Paris in 2009. Mike Anello is from Drupal Easy, and he presents his favorite 45 Drupal modules, but does not include the most popular modules such as CCK and Views. Through viewing this I discovered that a list of the most used modules from drupal.org could be found here.

Mike lists some very intriguing modules that I was not aware of and plan to try out in the near future. One of these is Mapstraction, which appears to provide a great GUI for creating maps using Google, Yahoo!, and MapQuest javascript API's, among other providers. Another is Image FUpload, which allows you to upload multiple images with one click, which is actually a request we had from a client just recently.

I encourage you to check out Mike's presentation or at least his list of 45 modules. Let us know what modules, specifically, were new to you and intrigued you enough to look them up and/or download them on drupal.org.


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