User Profile or Fan Page, Which One is Right For Me?

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User Profile or Fan Page, Which One is Right For Me?
Facebook User Profiles and Fan Pages allow you to connect and converse with your friends and fans in very different ways. User profiles are typically associated with indiviuals and are not intended for business use. The most significant difference between Fan Pages and User Profiles is how they establish friendships. Traditional User Profiles require you to either invite friends or be invited by others, Fan Pages allow anyone to become a fan. Fan Pages also rank on search engines which is intregal to building your community. Creating a Fan Page is almost always your best bet for businesses.
Once you’ve created your Fan Page you’re ready to begin connecting and egaging your customers with meaningful news, conversation, information, new products and content.
Friends = Friends, Family, Acquantances, and Coworkers.
Fans = Customers, Readers, Guests, Voters, Consumers, Clients, Buyers, Shoppers, 
Patrons and Prospects.
Maximizing The Benefits of Your Fan Page
If You Build It, They Will Come.
Facebook Fan Pages can be used for many things... posting news, links, photos, video, blog posts and most importantly to connect and build a true relationship with your customers. Facebook Fan Pages are one of the greatest tools and resources you can use to reach out to your customers and drive traffic to your site. 
The overall sucess of your Fan Page is measured both in terms of quality and to a lesser extent quantity and volume. When you interact with your customers and your customers interact with you, they become broadcast channels for your brand and the content you provide. When your fans interact with your Fan Page, stories linking to your Page can go to their friends via News Feed. As these friends interact with your Page, News Feed keeps driving word-of-mouth to a wider circle of friends. The more valuable the content, the stronger your fan base becomes, and the larger your community becomes. 
Here are a few tips to help you build a strong fan base:
  • • Give Your Page a Good Name: Give your Fan Page a name that includes your companies name and be sure to include valuable keywords in your pages general information section. 
  • • Pick The Most Appropriate Category: As you begin setting up your Fan Page, you will be asked to categorize your type of business. Listing your business under the most appropriate category can will help customers find you and will help increase the ranking of your page on search engines. (Be sure to pick the closest match since you won't be able to change your category later.)
  • • Make Your Fan Page Unique: Beyond posting a great profile picture/icon that well represents your business, you can also customize the tabs on your Fan Page to fit your business, including Info, Photos, Videos, Events, Discussions and Boxes tabs. The tabs on your page can be renamed and the content within can be customized to visually represent your branding initiatives using FBML code. Your businesses page tabs are the key to creating a truly rich and unique experience for your customers.
  • • Publish Fresh Content: To attract new fans and retain existing fans it is crucial that you generate and publish original unique content regularly. Like relationships in your personal life, real connections and friendships are only made when you invest your time and effort in the relationship.
  • • Invite Fans: Invite customers, prospects, patrons, coworkers, family, and friends to become a fan of your Page. Be sure to add links to your Facebook Fan Page in email signatures, on your website, and in future marketing pieces.


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