Facebook's Titan Project. Maybe That's What The "Buzz" Is All About

What is Project Titan?
According to TechCrunch, Facebook is in the process of completely rewriting their current messaging product and is preparing to launch a feature rich webmail product. Internally the new mail product is known as Project Titan. Unofficially, Project Titan is being called, "the Gmail killer".
Could this be one of the driving forces behind the recent launch of Google Buzz?
Similar to Gmail, it is believed that Titan will have full POP/IMAP support, which means users can access their account through Outlook, Apple's Mail, and other desktop email clients. Your email account name will be your facebook vanity url... i.e. vanityurl@facebook.com.
Facebook currently has more than 400 million users and is the largest social network in existance. Facebook's enormous user base has marketers scrambling to  adapt their methods in hopes of harnessing the power of the medium. 
If Project Titan proves sucessful and is adopted by a majority of Facebook users, current email marketing efforts could be radically altered. Facebook's email platform will be white-list based, in other words, marketers will not be able to send to a user unless they have been given permission to do so.
Facebook users adopting the new webmail product will have access to 100% spam-free email and complete cotrol over the information and brand messages they receive. Imagine a junk-free inbox where all you find are the messages you want to read. 
For marketers and businesses, it's imperitive that you begin harnessing the power of Facebook. The first step is to get your consumers to become fans of your Facebook Fan Page. Adding a "Become A Fan" button to your site, your blog and/or including links in your email signatures is a great place to start. 
According to Facebook, more than 60 million people log in to 80,000 third party websites each month using Facebook Connect. Facebook Connect lets Facebook users bring their identity and connections everywhere. Using Connect on your site encourages users to create and share content that links directly back to you. More friends leads to more activity and more pageviews. 

The benefits of Project Titan are enormous for Facebook users, but the ramifications could prove dire for marketers unwilling to adapt. If you or your company are interested in creating a new site, improving an existing site or implementing new social media stategies, please contact us. 


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