Buzzword Of The Week: Splinternet

Get ready to add another buzzword to the list and this one is SCARY... or is it?

A recent blog post about the release of Apple's iPad and what it means to the web is being circulated as fast as you can say "think outside the box" or "cloud computing is the future", 5 five times fast. 

The general questions or concerns on everyone's mind is what the release of new devices and new content distribution channels will do to change the free and open web. Basically, the web as a whole is based around the idea that all content should be available in a compatible format that can be read and/or shared by everyone. Basically, every user should be able to access the same content no matter what browser or computer(device) they use.

As consumers, we don't just read, listen, and watch content on a single device any more. We now have BlackBerrys, iPhones, Android Phones, iPods, iPads, Netbooks, Video Game Systems and TVs all connecting to the web. The "problem" or concern is that your site might function differently(or not all) depending on what device your customer is using. 

App developers are scrambling because the constant introduction of new hardware, devices and platforms often means they must develop completely different applications for each platform. Meanwhile, more and more of the web's most valuable content is being hidden behind paywalls or is hidden from Google and other search engines on proprietary networks like Facebook.

The newly coined term (Splinternet) is pretty dead on IMHO. The internet is splintering into a million different shards and it will inevitably prove difficult for some to keep up with progress.

Are You Scared Yet?

While it's undeniable that the web is changing rapidly, as it always has, there is no reason to panic. Change always brings about new solutions and new opportunities. Knowing is half the battle and now you know. The next step for business owners, marketers and publishers is to embrace the changes, new platforms, devices, and measurement tools. 

If you're ready to begin taking advantage of these new content distribution channels please contact us. You know your customers best. We'll work with you to create innovative, custom solutions that will engage your audience and generate real results.


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